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November 15 2017

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Nightmare Email Feature
"...just got back and didn't see your message until just now. Sorry! -- TIME THIS MESSAGE SAT HALF-FINISHED IN DRAFTS FOLDER: 3 days, 2 hours, 45 minutes."
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October 24 2017

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I had to go today through my disk to save stuff and stumbled across old stuff. I figured I might as well post some of my fave oldies. LIke this ST. It’s my TOTAL fave fanart I ever did.

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October 22 2017

Decent cup of coffee
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October 18 2017

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Slinky Wizard
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October 05 2017

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autumn has arrived <3

August 15 2017

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July 04 2017

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Graffitikünstler vermisst eines seiner Bilder und fragt danach auf einer Bahn
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June 21 2017

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June 13 2017

Migrating servers like a boss

/* by Frankie */

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May 31 2017

Play fullscreen
Insane stuff going on here o.0
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May 28 2017

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May 25 2017

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May 21 2017

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May 19 2017

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May 14 2017

April 21 2017

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Vomiting Emoji
My favorite might be U+1F609 U+1F93F WINKING FACE VOMITING.
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April 03 2017

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